Long-Term Mission?

mmlMission has announced their R and RS warranty:

  • 2 year/unlimited mileage “nose to tail” (can’t really say bumper to bumper, can we?)
  • Plus 6 year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty

Let’s read between these lines.  Mission began as EV consultants, never selling to the public.  The (one?) rideable units were rolling ads for their expertise and tech portfolio.  Relatively recently, as highway vehicles go, they took the plunge, developing the R/RS for retail sale.

It now makes sense that they offer an “industry-defining” (their words) powertrain warranty, but modest vehicle coverage.  Mission had years to work on electric drives, and this one in particular, but is starting from scratch on production setups and processes, numerous suppliers, approvals, and… a dealer network.  Yeah, that little thing. Continue reading


Its Continuing Mission…

So, actual deliveries are a good thing, when the e-moto industry has seen more pitches than products.  But the exciting prmmloduct news of the industry this summer was Mission’s newfound initiative.

Mission hadn’t been selling its electric superbike.  They were selling their services as expert consultants to other EV companies (read: cagemakers, but also industrial drives).  The go-fast bike they had handbuilt was only there to promote the company name in general, and its technological achievements in particular.

According to rumor, however, an investor dropped a pile of money on Mission, and had them work on production and public sales.  The company will (supposedly) deliver the Mission RS in limited numbers next summer; after that run, a lower-spec Mission R will follow. Continue reading