I’ll Give Them Credit

Out with the old...

Out with the old…

...in with the new!

…in with the new!

Again, almost 2015.  My bank tossed their old bulbs and installed LEDs because… they’re a bank, and it’s almost 2015.  Obsolete lighting technology wastes energy, and thus money.  LEDs make money, as banks are supposed to do- certainly any bank of mine. Continue reading


More Power? Full Scale, Scotty!

Gas station went solar: WE WIN

Gas station went solar: WE WIN


It’s December… almost the new year, and what a year.  George W. Bush said solar power would reach grid parity (price matching) in 2015.  Let that sink in: former oilman/Texas governor Bush, said back in his presidential administration that solar power would cost no more than “regular” electricity by this coming year.  By the way, he was speaking in a broad, national sense.  Grid parity of solar has already happened in several states, including a few not in the desert Southwest.

Oh, and by the way by the way, this includes a few states where parity has already been reached with no incentives and subsidies counted.  However, it doesn’t include the costs of polluters passing their externalities onto everyone- socialized costs but privatized profits.  Nor, of course, are we counting the fiscal loss: valuable, exportable goods being burnt up here, instead of helping our trade deficit, and thus defending the dollar.

Aaand by the way by the way by the way, that’s parity of solar electricity vs. grid electricity.  If you’re comparing solar versus gasoline, i. e., in efficient electric vehicles, then parity was reached in almost all 50 states, years ago.  So, why are we still debating?  Because there are still issues, and it’s not as simple as ordering a few panels; it was never going to be that easy.  Nothing insurmountable though, just implementation hassles, except for people actively resisting change, like ideologues who won’t (or can’t) do the math.  Continue reading