i1688dI support light, efficient vehicles.  They’re the smart choice: efficient in terms of dollars, as well as all the other factors that aren’t counted in dollars, but externalized: land, industrial policy, road maintenance and state expenditures, trade deficits and foreign policy, all before I’ve said even one word about emissions.

But I don’t support smart choices for dumb people: people who jeopardize not only their own lives, but other roadgoers, possibly bystanders, and then the flow of vehicles in general when we clean up your grease stain.  Take this guy’s case, seen outside a trendy takeout place.  That road stain would be engine oil, body fat and other organics, and now coffee compounds.

i1689cYou, sir, are a *******.  The fact that you at least chose to wear a helmet simply means you’ll feel it when you die slowly.  (He’s not wearing any other gear, note.)  And no, you don’t get the freedom to kill yourself in this case.  The road has to be blocked off, to pick up all the scrap metal and bits of idiot.  So yes, your riding now becomes everyone else’s business, since you’re being an idiot in everyone else’s way.  And yes, it is my business to call you out on it, since you give motorcyclists a bad name, including me.

The Hurt Report says most motorcycle accidents are 18-year-olds, on their first bike, with little formal training, insurance, or protective gear.  But hey, he’s got a delicious drink.  The crows will still prefer him to the drink.  Don’t be crow food, be smart.