Past Gas: STILL Nasty

gasdot3A person I know got sprayed with gas.  Literally hosed down with gasoline- ruined his coat and pants.  One might argue he’s lucky to be alive, since there was no ignition source, or metal spark, or cigarette or whatever nearby.

And he wasn’t some gearhead, either, in the middle of a job.  A normal fuel connector failed, in the middle of a normal day’s routine.  And blam- soaked in a toxic explosive.  You can’t machine wash such clothes, and definitely can’t dry clean them.  You might hand wash the coat and pants, assuming you care enough for that risk and the time.  Most would just chuck them.

I’ve said it before: gasoline is the most dangerous substance (flammable/explosive, and poisonous) the average person handles on a regular basis.  And yet it’s considered completely boring.  Meanwhile, the automotive connector is ridiculously safe against electrocution.

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