Sony is going TO DELL

Trinabulatrons continue.  After bleeding more money, in more quarters, Sony has announced a recovery plan.  Step 1: abandon PCs entirely- no more Vaios.  Yes, what was once the cornerstone of the electronics revolution is now a deathtrap, and Sony must pull a Dell-out.  Sony will still operate the handset business they bought out from Ericsson- apparently they can’t afford not to be in phones.

Step 2: set up televisions into a wholly-owned subsidiary.  In other words, a deathwatch.  Propping up a “new company” serves notice to that group: shape up, or you’re toast.  The TV line can no longer sup off other divisions, without its own profits.  The TV people must now find profitability somehow, or failure will be open and obvious, no accounting tricks.  Big-Sony would then be willing and able to kill, sell, or do whatever to little-sony.

All told, 5,000 people will get the ax, and Sony will take a $1 billion charge.  Willingly- the company did this because the alternatives would cost even more.  If you do not join the future- even the newer future, from a previous future- you’ll find it thrust upon you.  Even Sony.


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