SR Are Fast

Multiple units of the Zero SR are on the street, in the hands of customers.  Early reviews: “Wow” and “!!!”

In case you weren’t aware, Zero made big advances for the 2013 model year.  In particular, a new motor caused performance to leap over the 2012s.  Better air cooling let the 2013 “Z-force” motor deliver both higher horsepower and torque, still without liquid cooling loops.  My 2012 was being held back by the computer, cutting the juice when overheating was detected.

Now, for 2014, Zero took the street model (Zero S) and added the SR version.  The SR uses higher-temperature magnets, which can withstand greater power levels without losing their magnetic domains.  0-60 times are now in the sub-4-second zone.

Electrics are just beginning to fight.  2014 is shaping up, and I expect a lot more later.


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