Past Gas: STILL Nasty

gasdot3A person I know got sprayed with gas.  Literally hosed down with gasoline- ruined his coat and pants.  One might argue he’s lucky to be alive, since there was no ignition source, or metal spark, or cigarette or whatever nearby.

And he wasn’t some gearhead, either, in the middle of a job.  A normal fuel connector failed, in the middle of a normal day’s routine.  And blam- soaked in a toxic explosive.  You can’t machine wash such clothes, and definitely can’t dry clean them.  You might hand wash the coat and pants, assuming you care enough for that risk and the time.  Most would just chuck them.

I’ve said it before: gasoline is the most dangerous substance (flammable/explosive, and poisonous) the average person handles on a regular basis.  And yet it’s considered completely boring.  Meanwhile, the automotive connector is ridiculously safe against electrocution.

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Words Fail… Because They’re Words

It’s a cold day, time for news on the upcoming season.  Brammo announced their 2014s, “the brmmWorld’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle in Serial Production.”  However, what’s more interesting than the ad copy itself is reading between the lines.

First off, Brammo explicitly says “…in Serial Production.”  That’s because at least one Lightning and at least one Mission are known to be on public roads.  Throw in the MotoCzysz, and Mugen Shinden.  All would spank the Brammo Empulse, and by an embarrassing factor.  However, their respective companies aren’t at the level of final production and public delivery at this moment.  (Mission had already sold out much of its 2014 Mission RS run, via preorders in 2013.)  Thus, Brammo has to qualify itself, and hasn’t lied… yet.

Brammo claims “its unique water cooled motor.”  Unique… to Parker Hannifin customers, as this too is a bit of a dodge. Continue reading

Sony is going TO DELL

Trinabulatrons continue.  After bleeding more money, in more quarters, Sony has announced a recovery plan.  Step 1: abandon PCs entirely- no more Vaios.  Yes, what was once the cornerstone of the electronics revolution is now a deathtrap, and Sony must pull a Dell-out.  Sony will still operate the handset business they bought out from Ericsson- apparently they can’t afford not to be in phones.

Step 2: set up televisions into a wholly-owned subsidiary.  In other words, a deathwatch.  Propping up a “new company” serves notice to that group: shape up, or you’re toast.  The TV line can no longer sup off other divisions, without its own profits.  The TV people must now find profitability somehow, or failure will be open and obvious, no accounting tricks.  Big-Sony would then be willing and able to kill, sell, or do whatever to little-sony.

All told, 5,000 people will get the ax, and Sony will take a $1 billion charge.  Willingly- the company did this because the alternatives would cost even more.  If you do not join the future- even the newer future, from a previous future- you’ll find it thrust upon you.  Even Sony.

SR Are Fast

Multiple units of the Zero SR are on the street, in the hands of customers.  Early reviews: “Wow” and “!!!”

In case you weren’t aware, Zero made big advances for the 2013 model year.  In particular, a new motor caused performance to leap over the 2012s.  Better air cooling let the 2013 “Z-force” motor deliver both higher horsepower and torque, still without liquid cooling loops.  My 2012 was being held back by the computer, cutting the juice when overheating was detected.

Now, for 2014, Zero took the street model (Zero S) and added the SR version.  The SR uses higher-temperature magnets, which can withstand greater power levels without losing their magnetic domains.  0-60 times are now in the sub-4-second zone.

Electrics are just beginning to fight.  2014 is shaping up, and I expect a lot more later.