Past Gas- Nasty!

While I was distracted by multiple conventions

BMW issued a recall, for fire.  Yes, BMW- though it’s BMW motorcycles this time.  A fuel fitting cracks and leaks.  Except, since the fittings are between the fuel pump and the injectors, the leak is more of a spray.  A spray of toxic, volatile, and thus explosive gas.  BMW went with the “leak” approach, despite riders reporting being sprayed, and having their garage floors soaked.  What’s worse, it’s apparent BMW knew of the fitting years ago.  A metal reinforcement was applied to the interface, in an attempt to fix the issue.  Guess it didn’t.

Again and again, you’re a hypocrite if you single out battery fires.  Gasoline is not only the most explosive thing the average person buys, but it’s as explosive as the law allows.  Companies would make it even more volatile if they could.

See also: Dateline: Hypocrisy and Dateline: STILL Hypocrites


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