Dateline: STILL Hypocrites

Sooo… GM is recalling 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups, for fires.  Eight have already burned; over 300,000 need work, plus tens of thousands more in Canada/Mexico.  The ECU must be revised to keep exhaust parts from igniting the rest of the engine bay.

To be fair, their full-size trucks are new for 2014, and computer firmware is meant to be flashed.  It’s unfortunate that the hardware world is stuck in this middle zone- not fully solid-state, yet not fully mechanical and visible.  It’s thus even more unfortunate that the silicon world features (enjoys?) long beta testing and many patches.gas704

But the underlying issue still exists: gasoline’s about the most dangerous thing you buy.  Fumes make it both a liquid and a gas- the worst possible case for fire and explosion.  This makes a pyro trifecta: Ford, GM, and Chrysler are all chased by the fire bugbear in just the past year.  Electrics?  They’re horseless carriages by comparison.

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