Philips Followthrough: SlimNotShady

That was fast… Philips said they would respond to Cree’s sub-$10 40W-equivalent LED.  Their initial model was competitive, but didn’t push the technology or price point forward.  Philips had then shown test units of their newer LED design to reviewers, but the final price had yet to be announced by them and retailer Home Depot.s6

Now in the new year, Philips’ SlimStyle 60W-incandescent equivalent (10.5W actual), below $10, puts the ball squarely in Cree’s court.  Cree’s “60W” LED is ~$13 before rebates.  This broke the $10 barrier in 60W, the biggest seller in the US.  Rebates will almost certainly cut that further.  So far, it seems to be online only; no store by me had any.  It also seems units will hit shelves soon, maybe in days.  The warranty’s 3 years, in a 25,000 hr life claim.  For three years, at these savings, it makes sense even if it dies the day after the warranty expires.  So I might drop $10, get 49.5 negawatts, and give you my opinion.  Can’t lose as long as I have my receipt.

The future is here, folks.  Some people still insist on being stuck in the past.


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