Followup: More Legwork (Still Not Enough)

Yep, everyone likes the exciting work, no one likes to grind out the boring but necessary stuff.  XBox One data is in, and its defect rate is uncomfortable.  Just like PlayStation 4 defects, and… the last XBox.  Didn’t do enough of their field testing, quality control, and supplier oversight.

Meanwhile our newest microsatellites are chiming inmostly.  Some universities, startups, etc. didn’t do enough part screening, flight-like testing, systems review, or any of a hundred other things, and their CubeSats are silent.  One case, the Kentucky Space consortium (University of Kentucky/Morehead State), requests help.  They’ve built a surprising satellite, but not a ground station network (or even staff) that can effectively support their needs:

…trying to determine the charging characteristics of the power system. The three team members all live above 40 degrees north and the satellite does not warm up enough during nighttime N-S passes to allow charging to begin. None of us are usually around during the daytime S-N passes and we would particularly appreciate telemetry reports when the satellite is in daylight…  Any form of report is welcome…

Everyone wants to be a satellite stud, no one wants to be an antenna dork.  NASA built the Deep Space Network (dishes looking up) and TDRS System (relay sats looking down) for this very reason; China, India, and even Russia need NASA and ESA dishes to go past Earth orbit.


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