Light The Min(eral)-Oila

In my area, gas prices bumped in time for Thanksgiving, often the busiest 24 driving hours of the year, hmmm.  Now Ford announces their recalls, on top of Jeep’s ongoing quagmire.

2013 Ford Escapes (1.6L 4-cylinder) may crack a cylinder head- bad enough.  But oil may leak onto hot parts; this has already lit up 13 cars.  The affected vehicles recalled are about 160,000, US and Canada.  On top of that, some 2013 Escapes had a preexisting fix- leaking fuel lines in the engine bay.  Quite bad to begin with.  Ford’s now announcing repaired lines may leak again, in a different way.  Double whammy.

You’re a huge hypocrite if you complain about a Tesla fire, but ignore the 15+ gallon bomb under your passengers’ butts.  Then add a gallon of oil, transmission and power steering fluid, A/C fluid that’s toxic when burnt, carbon-based hoses and seals everywhere, etc.

I’m thankful I chose a 21st-century vehicle.


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