Goo Gee Phone Home

If it looks like I’m picking on Google, it’s because they keep screwing it up.  Google is now selling your site visits- your real world site visits.

Previously, Google was fined in court for hacking Safari’s “do not track” option… to track.  Now, Google is selling advertizers “conversions”– instances where eyeballs get mobile ads, then proceed to a brick-and-mortar store.  Google knows via cellphone tracking.  Unannounced cellphone tracking, for profit; if you’ve loaded Google’s app on an iPhone and have GPS/cellular/WiFi location turned on, Google considers that consent.  If you have an Android phone, they don’t even bother asking, since data reporting is baked into the OS.

It is easiest for Google to conduct this passive location tracking on Android users, since Google has embedded location tracking into the software. Once Android users opt in to location services, Google starts collecting their location data as continuously as technologically possible.

What happened to “Don’t Be Evil?”  Oh right- their Safari fine was effectively a business lunch.


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