Curdling This Plan

What’s with Texas… For the second time this year, the state has stymied Terry Hershner’s West-to-East cross-country run in an EV.  Last summer, it was a blown motor.  This time, a smoked connector.  (Last year, closed sites.)

In their defense, Terry had done the motor install, and the custom wiring.  To achieve Interstate ranges and cross-country ability, Terry installed booster packs in the form of saddlebags.  Combined with streamliner fairings to reduce drag, he gets over 150 miles of battery range.  But he did those saddlebag mounts himself, including the heavy-gauge electrical work.  While charging in central Texas, he inadvertently blew a saddlebag connector.

Fortunately, a club of vehicle enthusiasts had a similar connector in stock, and Terry is rolling again.  Unfortunately, the day lost means a new record for cross-country EV bike trip won’t happen.  Still means a bike can make it across the country on electricity alone.


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