Girdling This Land, High and Low Funds

Terry Hershner, of EV-across-America note, is at it again.  Previously, he had finished the journey West-To-East (San Diego-Jacksonville), barely beating a racing team to be the first all-electric motorcycle to make the trip.  The Moto-Electra team had finished just after Terry (they actually crossed somewhere along the way), but did it in a faster time.  With improvements, Terry is looking to take the title outright.

The Moto-Electra racing team built an EV based on a Norton motorcycle chassis- not a bad start.  Their record-setting run of three days, though impressive, was with a support van, carrying a relief rider and a generator.  Meanwhile, Terry was unsupported and alone, charging from existing infrastructure.  He napped on an air mattress alongside his charging bike.

Now it’s go time: Terry has made his bike even more aerodynamic, and is riding with a pillion.  As of this writing, they’re already in Texas.  As before, a backup on the highway was a big time-killer.  Still, their pace is pretty good versus Moto-Electra, and certainly impressive for a breed of vehicle that didn’t exist four or five years ago.  They have nothing to regret whether they beat three days or not.  Follow them at, in near real time.


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