Dough, Re: Me

The “Music Industry” (i. e., lawyers) is suing lyrics websites.  Yet another dumb strategy from the record racket.  Sure, lyrics are copyrighted, but it’s shortsighted, and shooting themselves in the foot (again).  I’ve found bands, then bought their albums, after I tried a web search on a bit of their lyrics.  There are lots of times I’m not hearing via satellite or internet, which show artist and title.fbp  I won’t buy a digital, terrestrial radio, while analog radio barely says titles.  I guess the industry doesn’t want me finding their bands, then.

The music industry, about a hundred years ago, was literally in the business of publishing: selling the sheet music of songs you liked.  Before audio recording was affordable or even practical, you got a bunch of your friends around and sang the songs yourself.  If you wanted to hear a really good rendition, you had to buy tickets to a show.  Sheet music was the only practical, affordable reproduction medium… a hundred years ago.  Those days are over, but the major labels won’t let it go.

If the labels really wanted my business, they’d publish their own central lyrics sites, and make it quick and convenient… and legal, and even profitable.  A lot of people go to lyrics pages; besides searching for new bands, a lot ask “what did he say there?”  Adding a “buy it now” link would rake it in.  I guess the industry doesn’t want me buying it now, then.


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