No One (Wheeled) Solution

Someone by me has a unicycle.  Actually saw him go about his day, not just around the block.  He finally got on public transportation.

That got me thinking: the “final mile” problem is real, and really needs multiple solutions.  To planners, “final mile” is getting to mass transit when you’re in a suburb or similar and can’t just walk.  With no final-mile answer, it’s tempting to just drive the whole way, if you had to drive to a train station.  In Japan, Toyota is demoing little NEVs (Neigborhood Electric Vehicles) in railroad suburbs.  These can’t do highways, and seat just one or two, but are perfect for the final mile.  With no highway range or speed, batteries are just fine, and the charge points need only be household outlets at the station and your house.

I walk or ride a bike; this guy took his unicycle.  A Segway has appeal for trips like this, but has the same issue as a bike: you need to lock it up, as it’s hard to take indoors or onto that mass transit.  A unicycle, kick-scooter (“Razor”), or skateboard, though, you just pick up.  I pondered skates for the final mile, and know a guy with an electric skateboard.  Skateboards have marketing issues, though, since not all can balance… and not all are twelve.  Besides e-bikes, electric unicycles and Razors exist, too; who will market the final-mile killer?


2 thoughts on “No One (Wheeled) Solution

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