Block, Busted Idiots

Scratch another one.  Blockbuster Video, that strip-mall staple, is shutting down both its storefronts and its disc-by-mail service.

Despite being taken over by Dish Network, and despite offering their own disc-mail, they still can’t cut it vs. Netflix, Red Box, pay-per-view/on demand, downloads/streaming, etc… or just buying a popular title if the price is right.  Oh what a difference, indeed.

So why is this in the “Moto” category, too?  It’s the 21st century, and a 21st-century economy.  That late-20th century social custom of driving between isolated strip malls for small parcels is finally hitting in the pocketbook as well as the trade balance– the national pocketbook.  For many reasons (i.e., the urbanization of the country, and the world), the norm of the auto-centric day is declining.

Of course, nothing ever dies.  Blockbuster will not close a few franchised stores… and people still like strip malls and cars, just not as much or as often.  That’s why Ford, BMW, Audi, etc. are pursuing alternate business models, but aren’t closing, either.


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