Google, You Phone-y

gfmlGoogle is now shocked, shocked that they’re being tapped.  Again, pardon my tone, but: ********, Google.  You knew just fine… since you watched.

Back in 2002, we knew key Net points were being tapped.  A heavy-duty router and support gear doesn’t sit quietly along the wall like a power brick.  Those of us in tech even spoke of locked “CIA closets” and “Langley rooms.”  Heck, I guessed as much the night of 9/11.  In George Bush’s address, he made a veiled security reference.  I said to my roommate (also in tech) “There go your civil liberties” (exact quote).

CIA closets weren’t simply installed at Google; they were installed with Google’s full knowledge.  And Yahoo, and Apple, and every other brand off the top of your head, plus deep-internet firms with whom the user doesn’t deal.  So it’s a bit late, and a big show, for Google to now feign outrage.  A cynical person might feel this is a PR move, to inoculate themselves against complicity claims.

Google isn’t looking out for their customers, since you aren’t their customer.  Google (and any other site with a free service) is an advertizing company; you’re not the customer, you’re the product.  (h/t Bruce Schneier)  So like any other manufactured outrage, your response should not be outrage.  Your response should be “Who benefits?”  Based on Google’s model and results, they’re making out just fine.


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