Image credit: Plugshare.com

And we’ve got it.  Tesla has now completed its own “parallel Green Highway,” from Tijuana to Vancouver.  It is now possible to drive from the Mexican border, and well into Canada, on electrons alone… if you’re in a Tesla Model S, that is.  The new Superchargers in Northern California, and ones Eugene/Springfield and Grants Pass, Oregon, are a bit behind schedule.  But they now allow solid travel along I-5 for the entire West Coast.

Really, what does this mean?  Aside from some lucky people in Northern California and rural Oregon, not that much… but for the EV enthusiast, everything.  Psychologically, a West Coast Model S owner need not yield anything to some snooty gasser nut.  You can now drive from any major West Coast city, to the rest (oh, and Tahoe and Vegas too), plus a fair number of rural destinations and ski resorts, with no gas.  (Whistler and Snoqualmie, among others, have slower Level 2s; Sun Country’s Canadian units are quite fast CS-90s.)  The largest gap is now Centralia-Eugene, but that’s 202 miles… easily within the highway range of an 85 kWh Model S, and still quite doable with the 65 kWh pack if you’re mindful.  There are plenty of Level 2 sites in Portland and along Oregon’s stretch if I-5, if you’re really tight.

Again, if you’re actually going from San Diego to Vancouver, you’d likely take a plane.  But if you choose to take your shiny new Tesla, nothing’s stopping you but your own endurance.  That’s your empty stomach and your full bladder/colon talking.  These “free” stops have been selected to be inherent meal/bathroom breaks, so you might as well stop anyway.  Sure, some people are gluttons for punishment.  But these fit people probably aren’t along enough in their careers to afford a Model S.

Once again, the actual bragging rights are psychological only- I would never go from San Diego to Vancouver by car.  But bragging rights are bragging rights- I’ll take ’em.


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