Food, then Fill

Speaking of food… A new push in EV charging is at groceries.  I’m a bit mixed on this one.  Sure, a shopping trip is an hour, hour and a half.  Some days might stretch to two hours if there are other shops nearby (“trip chaining”).  But… most people buy food close to home.  If you’re already close by, a public EVSE largely replaces your own nighttime charging.  (If your only grocery is 30-40 miles away, well, you have other issues.)

Still, numerous fooderies have added EVSE, as it makes sense from their perspective:
Whole Foods
Kroger (which owns Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, Harris Teeter, and Fry’s)
Giant Eagle

Smaller chains, and fewer deployments in big chains, include:
Meijer– 3 locations
Big Y– 3 locations
-Target- select locations
-Walmart- Lakewood, CA location and Columbus, OH
Price Chopper
-My Organic Market

In addition, convenience stores include:
-Walgreens- slowly expanding nationwide
-7/11- select locations
-Kwik Trip- select locations

Single/non-chain sites include:
-Tahoma Market
-Sky Deli and Liquors
-Gateway Marketplace
-Shari’s Restaurant and Pies

From the store’s point of view, adding charging makes them “sticky”- an EV enthusiast is more likely to come, and likely to stay longer– up to twice as long.  Since purchasing an EV requires more upfront, such customers are higher on the desirability scale.  Win-win.

I suppose that could be win-win-win, even if grocery trips don’t make a compelling usage model for EVs.  Groceries are highly-trafficed, highly-visible sites.  Seeing charging at the local grocery store, among other places, plants a very visible flag: Charging infrastructure is here, in your neighborhood, today.  Even if just for emergencies, to get you home.  Thus, it’s an advertizement for all EV companies, and for the very concept of electric vehicles.

Again, engineers aren’t psychologists.  What gets you home isn’t necessarily what people think will get them home.  The task of the EV movement, then, is to offer people what will get them home, and to convince them of that as well.  We’ve already fixed the engineering issue on multiple fronts; the psychological issue may be the bigger challenge.


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