Phone-ys, Part BZZT

nnkSheeei… No, Nokia did NOT charge a phone with lightning.  I’m getting tired of these blatant, obvious lies.  What they didn’t brag about was:

-The “lightning” wasn’t lightning.  It wasn’t a few milliseconds, the demonstrators could turn it on and off at will via their lab equipment.  Basically, they took a phone and ran its charging current across an air gap, producing an arc and a cool display.

-The “charging” wasn’t charging much.  The phone only gained a few percent.

-The “phone” wasn’t a real phone and charger.  They used sophisticated equipment, which would not actually be handy for a consumer.

So what actually happened was that a team did a “Mythbusters”-style stunt show… except they’re trying to spread a myth, not bust it.  The CBC’s story is a decent takedown, after you get past the headline and the initial paragraphs of hype.  Desperate, Nokia?


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