Chill, then Fill

Before it got hot this spring, I got a timer.  I then charged this summer at around two in the morning.  Since motorcycles are so much more efficient than cars at most speeds, I then 347finished at… around three, most mornings.  I admit I’m guessing on that, since… I’m asleep in a nice, comfy bed.  Just like most other utility customers, so there’s plenty of power.

Even this step was a bit redundant.  Most electric cars draw surprisingly little on most days.  (But then again, cars come with charge timers from the factory, which you set on the dashboard touchscreen.)  Hey, I’m a thoughtful guy.

Who says EVs will ruin the power grid?  Idiots, that’s who.  Does anyone enjoy having to go to gas stations?


3 thoughts on “Chill, then Fill

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