Dateline: Hypocrisy

So a Tesla S got damaged and started burning.   And?

Anyone who mocks Tesla for fires, then steps into a gasser, is a massive hypocrite.  A gasser with engine oil, too- I’ve seen car fires, and I’ve seen the major acceleration once the rest of the vehicle ignites.  Gasoline is about as dangerous as it gets; oil is harder to ignite, but also harder to extinguish.

Of course, the simple plan for a vehicle fire is to hop out- doesn’t get any simpler.  In the case of the Model S, you’re more likely to walk away from a crash, since the elimination of a metal block allows massive crumple zones.  The Model S is one of a handful of cars to receive across-the-board 5-star ratings in every NHTSA category.  Of course of course, the simplest plan to survive an accident is not getting in one in the first place.  Here, too, the Tesla’s extremely low center of gravity and real-time torque mean great handling, and fewer accidents.

Meanwhile, many thousands of gasoline fires happen every year.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Dateline: Hypocrisy

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