Employer Deployment OH BOY

Speaking of employer charging (evil or not evil), we now have endgame: converted light posts.

One company (which I won’t name- too advertizey) is now selling EVSE to be installed at light post sites.  That light post had lots of power; now, no additional trenching, drilling, sealing, and repaving is needed.  The cost of concrete work/rework in many cases is more than the equipment itself.  Now the owner of a lot with many lights has no physical excuse.

Why didn’t someone think of this already?  They did, but big street lights don’t use household power.  They use the industrial standard, three-phase power at higher voltages, not the split-phase entering your home, and most small businesses.  Going from 3-phase to the 240V cars expect requires some conversion equipment.  And with nonstandard equipment, you’ve got to do quality and reliability testing, safety testing, weather testing, certification, as well as starting efficient production processes and wrangling all the parts suppliers.

Someone already did, and now charge sites and facilities will boom (even faster).


3 thoughts on “Employer Deployment OH BOY

  1. Oh, and missing one streetlight generally isn’t an issue. Even though new installations are continuing, most old lamps I see waste light, sending it sideways or even upward. A whole parking lot of these wastes about as much light as one of their missing kin. This is assuming one lamp will be missed; most parking lots I see are literally bright enough to read by, after waiting for dark adaptation.

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