Tech-Employer Deployment

Besides hospitals, hotels, arenas and stadiums, employers are a natural fit for EV charging.  High-tech firms are especially onboard:

-The “Big 3:” Google, Facebook, and Apple.  And, okay, we’ll throw in Microsoft too.

-And since we’re talking big, we’ll include their subsidiaries Youtube and Yahoo

-The hardware companies Dell, AMD, HP, Texas Instruments (at 12 Texas sites), Qualcomm, Cisco, Intersil, Digi International, Extreme Networks, Technology Dynamics, Delta Group, and Samsung‘s US site in San Jose

-Robo-retailer Amazon

-Tech services companies IBM, Edifecs, and Spirent’s US site

-The software giants Adobe, Oracle, Intuit, and Compuware, as well as Versaterm, Mentor Graphics, and Evernote

-The game companies EA, Capcom, Zynga, and Nintendo‘s US site

-Hardware/software firms LSI, Applied Materials, and Vernier

-Network and network-services firms Advanced Data Technologies, Dyn, F5 Networks, Experian, EBSCO, and Easystreet, plus some locations of AT&T and Verizon

-Instrument and advanced-equipment makers National Instruments, Caliper, Diffraction Limited and Atkinson Thin Film, and manufacturing vendor Powin

-Biotech firms Amgen, Genentech, Medimmune, and BioMarin, and Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and Oregon Research Institute

-Energy R&D companies TransEnergy and Powertech Labs

Boeing‘s Sandy, Oregon offices

-Electrical vendors Hubbell, Siemens (US site), Schneider (US site), BPL (US site), Silver Spring Networks, and Shorepower Technologies, and construction vendors IDA International, McKinstry, ReVision, and PanelBuilt, plus Meridian Associates and the American Institute of Architects (NC site)

-Multidisciplinary R&D organization SRI, Mitre, the independent and non-profit Center for Automotive Research, and many firms in GreenTown Labs‘, Clarendon Group‘s or AmberGlen‘s office parks

Note that I’m not counting worksites of the utility companies, the automakers themselves, universities and government research centers, nor financial/business services like TBWA, Synapse, AXO, Asteria, and individual banks.  That could its own category.

This is still likely to be an undercount, as some employers will have unlisted receptacles (such as existing outdoor NEMA 5-15s and 5-20s), or charging points in adjacent parking lots (such as suburban developments), or charging points that are nearby but not affiliated with any specific company (such as the parking structures of multi-tenant complexes).

Why do high-tech firms support electric vehicles?  Simple: they’re full of smart, successful people.  Smart, successful people don’t necessarily fear the future.  They bring the future.


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