From The Land of The Ice and Snow:

That was quick.  Besides Norway, Tesla has begun moving product in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Iceland.  Norway makes sense, and the Netherlands too (dense population with lots of charge infrastructure, running on natural gas, wind, etc.)  But Iceland?vsticlnd

On simple geography, it’s a natural EV hotbed.  The island isn’t that big, and most of the population is on the West coast.  If your EV only needs recharging for highway trips, boom.  Iceland’s “highway network” is basically a ring road (the interior is mountainous), so the country can be covered by just a handful of Superchargers.  As few as two sites (north and south of the main, Western cities) can start the process nicely.

Digging deeper: energy is as free as it’ll ever get.  Iceland is volcanic, so fairly shallow wells yield lots of geothermal.  They’re now full of cheap, clean power.  How cheap?

-The rest of Europe wants undersea cables, so Iceland can export juice to them.

-The aluminum industry has shifted to Iceland; aluminum production consumes vast amounts of electricity, and basically dies without dams.  Or lots of geothermal.  I have seen a disturbing fraction of my aluminum-based vendors make the shift.

-Now throw in a dam or three.  All those mountains mean mountain streams, and then hydroelectricity, the other clean, abundant, cheap energy source.

-Should even that come up short (not that it ever does), natural gas from the North Sea isn’t too bad (from either Norway or Scotland).  Scotland is also wave-power central, for future clean options.

Really, why wouldn’t Icelanders want electrification in a place like this?  Iceland also has an excellent education system, with one of the world’s highest literacy rates and free universities.  So lies like “you’re just moving pollution from tailpipes to smokestacks,” “you’ll wreck the grid,” and “you’ll be stuck in the next blackout” won’t work on them.


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