No, Palo Alto DIDN’T

I can’t believe the crappy pap that passes for writing these days: “Palo Alto to Require EV Charging Stations.”  MYTH.  Palo Alto just voted on an ordinance requiring newly-constructed homes to include some conduit inside, just like new construction in Vancouver, New York City, and new Tim Horton’s restaurants.  This reduces or prevents drilling into walls, studs, and foundations, should the owner later install an EVSE (not a “charger”).

This myth is so flagrant, I won’t even bother linking.  Some loser saw a headline, drew their own conclusions (incorrectly), and managed to get it past their editor and fact checkers.  Unless of course there’s no editor at all, let alone checker staff (even a proofreader).

The “chargers” (of which there are none, literally speaking) are not “sure to go unused in many homes,” since none are mandated.  The property owner retains the right to install an EVSE if desired… or an electric dryer or maybe an electric range, which take similar (if not identical) wiring.  I have a kitchenette with a second range, and if I so desired I could swap that out with a 240V EVSE.  But the motorcycle doesn’t really need to.

They’ll let any loser write on the internet these days.


3 thoughts on “No, Palo Alto DIDN’T

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