mlgYou win some, you lose some.

Mitsubishi is delaying the US release of its Outlander plug-in hybrid SUV.  Officially, demand is too strong in Asian and European markets for existing production.  Unofficially, the battery supplier was turning out substandard cells, which may have made existing production too weak.  We certainly don’t need bad EVs in the headlines giving us a bad name, so I can deal with this.  Mitsubishi, however, is watching its head start on Tesla and Land Rover tick away.

Tesla is working towards release of its Model X full-electric SUV sometime in 2014; there are also murmurings (including from Tesla itself) of adding all-wheel drive to the Model S sedan.  Considering how few people actually go offroad, adding AWD to the COTY might do it for a good chunk of the target market.

lrlLand Rover, too, is working on a plug-in hybrid, via field tests.  A plain-hybrid Range Rover will go on sale very soon; a squad of prototype ‘Rovers is also doing a trial/PR run across Europe, to India.  Namaste, future.


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