indx2And then BlackBerry gets taken private (unless a miracle happens).  Meet the next Dell; previously they had sought a buyer.

How did this happen?  Easy- when the iPhone came out, RIM management immediately declared it wasn’t a “real” phone, since a real phone obviously has a keyboard.  Like theirs.  Okay, I’ll admit they had a point… for about two software versions or so.  Apple turned out to be fast learners on this one.  Faster than RIM management, at least.

Again, I’ll give the company a little credit: at least they tried.  BlackBerries gained a new OS, with responsiveness and good 3rd-party dev support, and the option of all-touchscreen handsets if you preferred.  They just didn’t learn fast enough.  RIM, meet the next Palm.

Welcome to the future: be a part of it, or be past.

See also: Phone-ys 1, Phone-ys 2, and Phone-ys 3


4 thoughts on “Buy-BackBerry

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