MSFTry Loves Company

Speaking of Nokia switcheroos

Microsoft just bought ’em.  Not the handsets, the whole company.  Because it worked so well when HP bought Compaq?  Or when Compaq itself bought DEC?  Heck, we’re still waiting to see if Google buying Motorola pans out.  Of course, it was a Google exec who said “two turkeys don’t make an eagle,” back when Nokia first committed itself to the Windows Phone platform.  Google later turned around and paid $12 billion- yes, billion- for the carcass of Motorola.

There is speculation, though, that Google had ulterior motives in buying Moto.  The phone company’s deep patent portfolio may come in handy for legal battles.  So far, though, I’m not seeing any subtext in MS+Nokia.  Just looks like two turkeys in a mating ritual.

Meanwhile, some 25-year-old we haven’t heard of may have the future in their garage.  Some future technology we may not have heard of, either.  I say, bring on the future, not the past.

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6 thoughts on “MSFTry Loves Company

  1. …Oh, and after that tweet from Google, Nokia’s Stephen Elop responded with “Two turkeys don’t make an eagle, but no penguin will ever soar.” I think history has settled the issue: Google’s Android platform (based on Linux, the penguin of note) is the dominant smartphone platform, while Nokia is… still Nokia.

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