Phone-ys, Part 3

Nokia is claiming their Lumia 1020 is “The first smartphone to put the camera first.”  Pardon my tone, but… total and obvious b*******, Nokia.nnk

Samsung had a unit with a massive camera bulge, years ago.  And Kodak had a Kodak-branded device that could, oh, also make calls, years before that.  I don’t know how these companies, of this size, can lie openly and think they won’t get called out on it.  Maybe desperation at being Nokia?  (And yes, I’ve owned Nokias, back when they were good.)

Oh, and if you think the “smartphone” subcategory leaves Nokia a semantic window, even that’s just a half-truth.  Nokia’s own N95 was arguably as good a camera (for its time, of course) as the 1020 is today.  Semantics don’t help Nokia’s argument, they hurt it.  The whole point of a smartphone is that there is no “first”– they’re supposed to be multifunction computing plaforms, not a mashup of gadgets.

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4 thoughts on “Phone-ys, Part 3

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