Critical m4ss

There comes a time when something becomes clear, even obvious.  This used to be called “breakthrough,” Malcolm Gladwell might call it the “tipping point,” popsters (at least, less-wonky ones) might call it “blowing up.”  Whatever you call it, one mirrorless-camera format has gotten there.

The Micro Four Thirds standard for mirrorless cameras has pretty much arrived.  Last week, German manufacturer SVS-Vistek has announced their m43 industrial body.  The industrial cam will be used for factories (machine vision), optical recordkeeping and recognition, security, mapping, etc.  Oh, and this is in addition to Blackmagic’s cinema body… and Astrodesign’s pledged industrial cams… and the consumer bodies produced by Olympus, Panasonic, and now JK (buyers of the former Kodak).  And this is in addition to lots of existing C-mount industrial lenses, and prosumer Leicas and Leica-clones, that can be adapted to Micro Four Thirds.

Here’s a hint for wonks and popsters: what you, the consumer, sees is a portion of what’s out there.  A whole parallel economy of industrial products exists that you aren’t even aware of.  21st-century camera designs (not SLRs) have entered that economy.


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