EUnanimous (kinda)

More news on more receptacles:

-The US Department of Energy had issued a Charging Challenge (with backing from Ford, GM, 3M, Google, GE, Verizon, etc.) to install workplace charging.  Since you spend hours at work, after a commute, it’s a natural place to top up.  With hours to spare, even Level 1 charging makes sense.  Now, the International Parking Institute has put in.  The industry group has identified EV charging as a top trend for its members.

-Europe has finally settled on a plug.  The Mennekes Type 2 plug was already leading in Germany, the UK, and Italy, plus some others.  France was favoring Type 3, while many countries were staying neutral.  The verdict is… sorry, France.  As a sop, Type 2 will have an optional shutter over the pins, which had been the big advantage of Type 3.  (Type 2 is electrically similar to J1772 in North America, but with a slightly different connector.  The key difference is an extra pin, allowing three-phase power, instead of just our split-phase.)

-The European Union also issued targets for deployments, now that there’s a plug to deploy.  Germany should have 150,000 charging points, France 97,000, Italy 125,000, and the UK 122,000 sites.  However, even this is not enough for Renault.  The France-based automaker is disappointed in its government’s rollout so far, and has announced its own installation plans.


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