No Bring A Zero

Well, that’s it.  They salted the streets, so I’m calling it a motorcycle-riding season.

Back in the Autumn, I decided to call it a year when the municipalities started salting.  Not that a Zero can’t take salt.  But, being a new vehicle, I figured it was the safe thing to do.  Besides, it’s a pretty clear line.  My cold tolerance was being severely tested by this dry, unsalted December we’ve had; in previous seasons I’ve had a fingertip or two lose feeling for days.  The outside decision to salt then stops that ambiguity.  Now there are obvious clumps of salt grains in spots where the scattering hung up for some reason.  Fortunately, there weren’t more than one or two puddles, so I didn’t throw any significant amount of greywater onto anything.

I’ve got plenty to write about still.  If nothing else, I’ll be back on the human-powered bike for more than errands.  I happened to have bought a nice model with a non-ferrous frame, and the rest is either also not-steel, replaceable, or consumable outright.  And the onward trundle of other technologies continues, of course.


2 thoughts on “No Bring A Zero

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