Girdling This Plan

Sadly, Terry Hershner did not ride across America on battery power alone.  Planned charging stops were thwarted, when the privately-owned chargers turned out to be behind locked gates:


These charging locations, all owned by Oncor, were the only ones listed between mid-Texas and mid-Arizona.

I’ve encountered this issue before.  Back when I had a cage, I looked into converting it to propane as a clean, domestic, less-expensive fuel.  The conversion costs would be low, and supposedly propane has a lot of dealer locations.  However, many of these propane locations are actually for private vehicle fleets (e.g., company trucks), and you can’t just show up and start pumping.  Other locations are simply RV suppliers, who sell 5-gallon bottles of propane, not actual bulk fluid like gas or diesel.

Haven’t had an issue with locked electrical equipment yet.  Then again, I’m not in that high desert.


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