Zero help (if zero-level)

Speaking of parking, I pulled up to a parking structure a while back.  I circled around the ground floor, wondering if there was separate motorcycle parking.  Aside from wanting to be polite and not take a whole cage space, I wanted to know in general.  Also, some places don’t charge you for a motorcycle space.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the parking structure was unmanned.  You swipe in and out via pedestal structures at the gates.  As was the satellite lot nearby.  Unfortunately, because I can’t ask a simple and reasonable question.  But fortunately?

The future is here.  Menial jobs like parking-lot attendant are mostly gone, pretty much like bank teller and to an extent, customer-service operator.  And yet, someone has to program, then wire pedestal structures and their billing networks.  Someone has to run ATMs, and someone has to devise and implement customer-locating systems and taxi-dispatching networks.  Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, said recently:

People can’t get jobs, and we have jobs that can’t be filled.

This is the same experience that IBM is having: IBM is selling things like customer-interface machines and transaction networks, but they have job openings they can’t fill.  At the same time they’re destroying jobs like tolltaker or phone clerk, they’re demanding database programmers or wireless engineers.  And we don’t have enough database programmers or wireless engineers.  Brad Smith said the above quote in conjunction with Microsoft’s education initiatives.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it for as long as it holds.  If you’re working one of these low-skilled jobs, better get geeky… or get used to unemployment.


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