Over One-Zero-Zero mph

Brandon Nozaki Miller (who goes by “Electric Cowboy”) supposedly set some record for an electric motorcycle: 101.652 mph for the one-mile record, and 102.281 mph for a kilometer at the Bonneville Salt Flats, on his Zero S (ZF6 battery pack).

The trick is that this is in the under-150-kilograms class.  We know that the MotoCzysz, Lightning, and Brammo can beat 102 on a flat course, and probably the Agility.  Not to mention all manner of electric dragbikes.  Of course, they aren’t 150 kilograms, either- a good dragbike is probably closer to 250 kilograms, while the others might not stick to 200.

Aside from being ~300 pounds, the impressive part is that the Zero was essentially stock.  Sure, there were some mods- revised gearing of course, lightening trims, and the now-standard computer reprogramming.  The motor controller had mods, not something you’d see in a gasser.  But no real aerodynamic work.  Miller set his record on a street-styled bike, not a track-tested shape.  As I’ll post later, aerodynamics is the key…


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