Clubbed to… Life?

Wow, club soda is actually good for you.

Just by virtue of not being loaded with sweeteners, club soda works.  Add a dash of alcohol to cap off your workday, or dinner, or night out, or whatever.  (A distilled alcohol usually gets rid of the aldehydes and ketones; a really good distillery gets rid of the propanols and butanols.)

But even on top of that, most club sodas contain potassium; few I’ve seen contain sodium, and one brags about being sodium-free.  People in industrialized countries (in particular Japan and the US) get too much sodium.  Way, WAY too much salt.  Fortunately, potassium does a good sodium impression in the body; consuming potassium thus helps the body deal with its sodium.  A few research results are now suggesting that, at least to a first approximation, sodium per se is not that bad.  What’s bad might turn out to be a sodium/potassium ratio that’s completely out of whack, due to industrialized food loading up on one but not the other.  I think it’s safe to say Americans aren’t giving up snacks and processed foods any time soon.

(Note that this does not hold for seltzer, which is usually bubbles only.  And especially not for tonic water, which was good for you at one point but is now just sweeteners.)

So you might want to try a “* and soda” next time at the bar.  Especially if it’s rinsing down bar food.


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