Future Ford Coppola

And now, let us talk about hybrid… cameras.  Mostly.  Well…

In the photo world, “hybrid” means something will do both stills, and video.  Not quite the same implications as in the road world.  And yet, like with road vehicles, the old guard is meeting the new technology, and it’s a bit messy.  Fortunately, photo people aren’t nearly as attached to film and formats as people are to internal combustion and fossil fuels.

This week is the Photokina convention, in Germany.  Basically, it’s the Euro version of the Vegas electronics show, except it’s imaging only, not music or gaming (unless they’re photographic games).  It’s also September instead of January, since there’s understandably a fair overlap with the Vegas convention.

Anyway, the not-so-big news (at first).  Schneider-Kreuznach just announced three lenses in the Micro Four Thirds lens mount.  Shocking, I know.  Why is this actually big?  Schneider had announced one lens in m4/3 before; now they have a lineup, an actual, usable lineup.  Again you ask, why is this big?

Schneider-Kreuznach now joins Carl Zeiss and Voigtlander as producing expensive, high-quality lenses for the Micro Four Thirds format… lenses too expensive for home hobbyists, but OK for professional shoots.  VIDEO shoots.  In Micro Four Thirds… the format which also has the the AF100 pro video camera, again too expensive for home hobbyists… the format that just announced the GH3 still/video dSLR, with feature-film-like imaging… the format that’s just shy of Super 16’s circle…

But hey, don’t take my word for it.  Take Francis Ford Coppola, who (among others) rated the video from the GH2 above any other competing DV camera. Including ones home hobbyists can’t afford, such as a RED. Still don’t believe me?  Take Black Magic’s word.  The Black Magic Cinema Camera is not only named “Cinema Camera,” but it lacks handgrips, a large battery, and even autofocus.  These details all scream “professional video shoot.”

When combined with the new Canon C300 format, plus the REDs and the previous Sonys, it’s clear the filmmaking world is being turned over by new technology.  And why wouldn’t it… even a camera phone can shoot a feature.


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