Brammo Update: Milk Deliveries?

September 2012: Here’s what we knew so far.

Brammo successfully sells Enertia electric motorcycles.  In 2010, they announce their follow-ons, the updated Enertia Plus, and the new, longer-ranging, much faster Empulse.  Three states of trim (Empulse 6.0, 8.0, and 10) will be available from $10-14k, in 2011.

-Early 2011: Brammo pushes date to sometime in 2012, supposedly due to addition of 6-speed gearbox, from previous direct drive.  Other mods too, of course.

-Early 2012: Announcement announced.  Details will be revealed in a ‘premiere’ May 8, with the company promising “great financing.”  Uh-oh.

-May 8 event: Lots of show, lots of sparkle… and the 6.0 and 8.0 are gone completely.  Empulse R (higher trim level) will be available August, for $19k, after initial, reviewer units are built in July and in the hands of media.  The base Empulse at $17k will be available in 2013.

As you can imagine, a lot of people are not happy.  Reviews of either Empulse did not publish in July… but did appear before August was out.  Wired, Jalopnik, and Hell for Leather did at least a first impression of working, streetable units.  So that’s halfway there.

September 1: I get a notice from Brammo, asking me to confirm my pre-order.  That’s… still not completely there, considering that I would have ordered the base Empulse.  The base model might still be significantly delayed.  Though since the Empulse R is at least on public roads (plus track-only units), the odds of either product turning out to be vaporware are now quite slim.

The odds of them not being the Empulse 6.0, 8.0, and 10, at $10-14k, however, are 1 in 1.  Oh, and still wondering about that Enertia Plus.


4 thoughts on “Brammo Update: Milk Deliveries?

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