Lada work to do

If anything would be called the laughingstock of European automakers, it would be some part of the Russian auto industry.  You might claim they never really got their stuff together since the fall of the Soviet Union.  And yet, here come the Russian electrics:

AvtoVAZ El Lada electric vehicle introduced in Moscow

First Production Russian Electric Car On The Way

“Production” is a bit generous.  Like the GM EV1 or BMW’s efforts, most of the vehicles will only go to drivers in a test group.  The initial, limited run is pretty much booked for taxi service.  That’s right folks, taxi work.  Hardly gentle, yet something electric drive is suited for.  Just ask the old Priuses… or the new ones… or the Fords

In this particular case, the automaker went with Swiss drivetrain components and Chinese cells for this first production run.  I guess they would rather be a little late to the party, in a borrowed outfit.  But make no mistake, the event is on.


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