Mariners Win, Place, Show (but actually lose)

Sorry to beat a horse that was never alive in the first place, but…

If the public needs a big show (i.e., astronauts who might die horrible deaths) to get interested in space, then plenty of people can then dupe… err, cater to that public:

Space cadets taken in by TV hoax

“Three contestants have spoken of their disbelief after being fooled into thinking they went into space for the UK reality show Space Cadets.”

Astronaut reality TV show hoax revealed

“It wouldn’t surprise me if the participants were in on the hoax too and that the real marks were the people who tuned in to the show.”

Australian Astronaut Reality TV Show One Big Scam

“an Aussie scam-artist who fooled the world with plans for an astronaut reality TV show (even hiring Professor Stephen Hawking as a judge, supposedly) has unsurprisingly vanished.”

. . .

Meanwhile, Planetary Resources is perfectly willing to do real space exploration without a single drop of blood to spill.  Folks, if you don’t consider this endeavor to be space exploration, then I would claim you have no right to criticize those of us who know better.


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