Tron? Not on, nor rotn

Oh, I had to go mention Tron.

The new series Tron: Uprising is okay.  The visuals are great, of course.  Good action sequences and fights, with good animation (very clean, no obvious corners cut).  Good design work, too.  But why wouldn’t they be?  The whole Tron world and style was made to animate well, and if you can create a whole cosmos from scratch, then how do you mess that up?

The writing, though, is pretty predictable, which is the problem with lots of these impressive graphics jobs.  It’s got most of your action-movie clichés, except in cartoon form.  Basically, it’s a great music video, like a lot of graphics jobs.  As long as no one’s speaking anything longer than a one-liner, it’s a good watch.

And plenty of bikes, of course.  Lightbikes galore.  Reeeeeee…


One thought on “Tron? Not on, nor rotn

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