Bolt out of the Blue (field with cross and saltire)

In all this talk about electric motorcycles, there’s a wildcard on the table: the Agility Saietta.

Agility is a British startup, and the Saietta (crude Italian for “lightning”), a promised sport(y) bike.  Here’s a show shot, bit of a Tron thing going on:

Agility Saietta

The colors aren’t accurate, it’s actually polished metal.  The metal is reflecting the rest of Agility’s booth.

That hump-thingy makes more sense in riding than in looking.  It goes under your chest and stomach, which is ordinarily wasted; some people put a tank bag there, the moto equivalent of a glove box or center console.  Agility just took it one step further, and put actual bike there.

According to Agility, the specs will be as good as the Brammo Empulse, possibly better in some aspects.  Price will be from £9,995 to £14,000 for two sub-models.  That would be more than the Empulse, except European prices include taxes, ours don’t.  Difficult to say.  Availability?  Why, reeeal soon now.  Gee, where have I heard that before?

This could all be a guess, of course.  Brammo has at least sold the earlier Enertia model, which are still on the roads as you read this.  Agility has never sold a single bike to a consumer.  Brammo has raced handbuilt variants of the Empulse, which is a real show of confidence for the street-legal version.  Agility has… let reporters ride a prototype.  Brammo has dealers, few as they are.  Agility… ???

I certainly wish Agility luck in getting units into customer hands.  At the minimum, the simple presence of someone like Agility both threatens and inspires other companies and engineers.  Even if Agility folds, the accumulated talent and know-how will be snapped up by the rest of the industry.  In the middle, Agility may become a race-only outfit like Mission or MotoCzysz.  The field will still benefit from the accumulated race knowledge and experience.

Overall, I don’t even claim to know how serious the company is.  Like il saietta, you don’t really know when it will make landfall, and just what path it will take on the way.  But the massive potential is still out there.


4 thoughts on “Bolt out of the Blue (field with cross and saltire)

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