Mor Moto Mofos…

I had previously surveyed the e-moto landscape, including some you can’t actually buy now.  Some more names, briefly:

Vectrix is a (partially) New England company that was moving electric scooters.  One is even freeway-capable at 68 mph.  They had enough of a presence in multiple markets, to get reviewed, and favorably, too.  (Vectrix portion starts from 7:19.)  They seemed to have gone defunct, but apparently they have found backing and are still attempting to come out with new merchandise.  Considering they’ve gotten farther than most, they bear watching if nothing else.

-Native GPR-S was selling a sporty-looking model for a while, but appears to be out of the game.  Judging from GPR-S owners, they find that ideal.

-There’s also Elmoto, but they seem to be Germany-only or Euro-only so far.

(And don’t forget the homebuilts.  Plenty of homebuilts knocking around.  If you don’t have the high expectations of a mainstream, consumer company, you can fabricate or convert your own e-bike.  The internet has allowed the spread of tips, leads, and general encouragement and inspiration that lets these “mega hobbies” flourish.)

I’m sure I’ve missed some- currently, this is a field where hobbyists and startups blur into one hazy but bright future.


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