The issue has been located

Today I had to call a cab.  When I dialed the company’s number, I got a voice menu, and the typical options, of course.  “If X, press Y.”

But then I got a new one: “If you need a cab at XXX Johnson Street, now, press 1.”  I was, in fact, at XXX Johnson Street.  I pressed 1.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and again, and again: We are living in the future.  Note that… I had deactivated the GPS locating on my phone.  The cab company still found me, either by triangulating off the cell towers in use, or more likely, by saving the last location requested by this phone number.  (Or did I? Was that this cab company I called, or one of the other cabs?) In any case, it’s both amazing and creepy at the same time.

Amazing, sure.  Creepy?  It’s partially creepy due to the “insider” information a computer had on me.  And it’s also a bit weird, because this eliminated a human operator.  The computer completely processed the transaction, with no human in the loop.  We are living in the future: if your greatest skill is your ability to answer a phone, then kiss your job goodbye.  Better become a computer geek.  At least, if you want a job.


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