…Which is the better one this year…

The field of (mostly) battery-electric cages consists of (in North America):


-Chevy Volt (battery-only plug-in for short ranges, piston ICE for long trips or emergencies)

-Nissan Leaf (fully battery-only operation)

-Mitsubishi MIEV/i (battery only, very limited availability)

-Tesla Roadster and Model S (battery only, limited availability)

-Fisker Karma (piston extender for trips, limited availability)

-BMW ActiveE (leased to limited trial customers only)


Soon to be joined by Honda and Ford battery-only offerings.  The field of battery-electric motorcycles and scooters also has choices:


-Zero Motorcycles (several models, all battery-only)

-Vectrix (scooter once available, now less so)

-GPR-S (once available, now less so)

-Brammo (one model once available, newer models pending)


In addition, BRD, KTM, and Agility have promised electric motos “soon,” while MotoCzysz, Honda, and BMW are showing rideable prototypes for future availabilities.  Kawasaki and Triumph are also causing rumors, while Lightning is happy getting buzz, not sales.  Some of these companies you’ve heard of, of course- and some are fresh-faced startups.  Welcome to the start of an S-curve.


Not all of these models will be successes, of course.  If anyone could do it, everyone would.  Anyone can’t, but these forward-thinking builders think they’re it.  Which ones will it be? I’ll post my thoughts…


5 thoughts on “…Which is the better one this year…

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